Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day +320

The good news with this update is that there is no news.  Just how I like it.  heheh... But seriously, it's just been a lot of day to day normal stuff, which is really such a blessing.

Here are the highlights:

Jacob had his make-a-wish interview and wished to meet spider-man.  He also wished to be spider-man so he can climb buildings and catch the bad guys.  It will be several months before his wish is pulled together and presented, but I am SO excited for him!  Jacob also started his weekly speech therapy.  Overall he enjoys it because they have a lot of toys and games to practice his speaking.  He is also getting physical therapy to help strengthen his leg muscles and coordination.  Next month he will meet with the school psychologist.  I'm interested in finding out what services he will qualify for.  I'd like to keep him home next year, but it'd be nice if he can receive supportive services from the district to help him get ready for school the following year.  Jacob also had his first dental cleaning since his transplant.  His dentist told him he needed to stop sucking his thumb or else he'd need braces by the time he was 7. Jacob really took this to heart and stopped sucking his thumb all on his own.  Cold turkey.  I offered to put yucky stuff on it, or even just a bandaid to help him remember, but he didn't want any of that stuff.  He just stopped.  I'm happy about it because now I don't feel like he's putting so many germs in his mouth before I have the chance to wash his hands.  However, part of me is a little sad too, because he is my baby and looked so darn cute sucking his thumb.  I am really proud of his willpower though.  Amazing child!

Ethan with his teacher, Mrs. O

Ethan with Grandma Judy

Now onto Ethan's big news:  Ethan was awarded Champion of the Week a couple of weeks ago!  Also, his artwork was chosen to represent his entire school at the district Festival of Arts coming up next month!  He continues with his karate lessons and has his first belt test coming up next month.  He is excited!  He is also starting his very first season of AYSO soccer.  We meet his coach on Saturday.

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Lindsey said...

Great update! That is fabulous. Sounds like things are moving along and the boys are having fun! Love to see the cute pictures!