Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Day +122

Life has been non stop since getting home from Seattle. Our family reunion celebration was cut short. Saturday morning, Jacob woke up fevered and so I called the hospital to have him admitted. Josh has been doing hospital duty this time to give me a break and a chance to spend time with Ethan. I'm sad that he had to go back in so soon, but grateful to have him near home so we can all visit him daily. They never found the source of the fever, but thankfully it went away and hasn't come back. They are discharging him this afternoon. Also, Jacob's adeno pcr from last Wednesday came back negative! This is such a relief. His white blood cell count has been really low, so he's probably going to need to get shots of gcsf a couple of times a week until he can maintain a safe level. We can administer these at home, but hopefully we can get a home health care nurse to come out and do it. I know J is really scared of shots and I would hate to have to do that to him.

Ethan started first grade yesterday and I was so happy to be there for him. I have missed him so much! I hope he has a great year! He has been such a wonderful big brother to Jacob through all of this and he continues to make us laugh. I'm grateful to have Josh helping with hospital duty so I can focus my attention on Ethan.

 Ethan's First Day of First Grade

Ethan finds his buddy before school starts

We got ice cream after school...

then drove to L.A. to visit Jacob.

Scary dinosaur!

Jacob makes a wonderful doctor.

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Kaci Uipi said...

thinking about you guys. Man...did you really let him get 2 ice cream cones--you are the best mom ever!