Saturday, July 07, 2012

Day +91

We got encouraging news yesterday.  Jacob's adenovirus count is finally dropping again.  It went from 9.4 million copies on Monday to 2.2 million copies from Thursday's sample.  He will be tested again on Monday.  For now, he continues on the weekly Cydofovir treatment and he also had to start on a respiratory Ribaviron treatment three times a day.  That has been something of a hassle, but glad that they are pulling out all the big guns.  In order to administer Ribaviron, he has to breathe through a mask hooked up to a ventilator and then have a clear plastic tent draped over his bed with a fan on top of it to clear out any extra medicine in the air.  He has to sit under the tent with his mask on for 2 hour intervals.  He then gets a 6 hour break, then has to do it again.  The middle of the night treatments have been the hardest.  He can't suck his thumb with his mask on and so has a very hard time sleeping through the treatments, even if it's 3am.  Thankfully, the treatment is only 5 days, so he should be done early Monday morning.

The highlight of our week has definitely been having visitors.  First, my parents and Ethan came up.  Then on the 4th of July, Josh flew up and is still here with Ethan.  Having family here has certainly perked up Jacob and me.  I have enjoyed getting breaks from the hospital room and spending some one on one time with Ethan.  

I came across this picture from Ethan and Dan's visit in May when Jacob was out of the hospital.  We were racing them into Target and it had me cracking up.  They were just too cute for words. 

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Lindsey said...

Kylene- hi, thanks so much for the update. I am glad that you have family there and that Jacobs count is going down. Prayers for you guys, especially with the Ribaviron treatment. I didn't know they administered it that way. Cute picture of the boys in target! Thinking of you and your family!