Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Day +88

J's biopsy came back positive for mild gvhd. They have to keep him on some steroids to hopefully prevent it from making his viral infection worse. Jacob received a blood transfusion and ivig yesterday. He had a fever last night, but it broke on its own and he woke up happy this morning, asking to play with Ethan. Having them here has lifted his spirits so much!

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Sharolyn said...

Oh Kylene, how I wish I could give you a hug and be there to comfort you during the hardest of days. I read your posts often and continue to keep Jacob & your family in our prayers daily. You are an incredible example of strength and trusting in the Lord's will. You are a wonderful mother and I ache to hear all the ups and downs you are experiencing. I have no doubt the Lord is very aware of your trials and will comfort you during the hardest of times. Thank you for keeping us updated through your blog. I am so happy your family can be there to lift yours & Jacob's spirits. Hang in there and know that we are thinking of you. Love you- Sharolyn