Monday, July 02, 2012

Day +86

No fevers last night, so that's good news. Other encouraging news is that they redid Jacobs abdominal X-ray and there is no sign of pneumatosis! That in itself is fantastic. I still need to talk to the doctor, but I'm pretty sure that means he can eat again. Now what I'm hoping for is that since there is no pneumatosis, maybe there is no gvhd and he will be able to get off his steroids. I can only hope and pray. We will have those results back by tomorrow afternoon. Jacob is back getting his endoscopy right now while I am in the waiting area. Being away from him when he goes through any procedure always makes me nervous. We will get another adenovirus count this evening. Praying that it is starting to clear up. Friday's results were worrisome.

Cuddling before his procedure

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Jennie said...

Yeah! Much more encouraging than yesterday's post! We will take any positive steps, won't we? Prayers for Jacob!!!