Friday, June 29, 2012

Day +83

This day has gone from bad to worse.  Last night Jacob started spiking fevers and so they switched him over to a stronger antibiotic.

Even though he got GCSF yesterday to boost his anc, this morning's labs showed that it actually dropped ten points.  He got more GCSF today.

After two more doses of treatment, J's adenovirus count actually jumped back up to 200,000 again.  This could explain his fevers.  They will have to increase the dose size, frequency, or both.

All of J's c diff symptoms returned in full force today.  They switched him to a stronger med for that.

After a gut xray, J was diagnosed with pneumatosis.  It causes a lot of stomach pain.  He is getting switched over to everything iv- no food or drink, to give his stomach a rest.

This is why I am always holding my breath.

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