Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day +82

We got Jacob's latest chimerisms today with more reassurance.  Sorry for the redundancy, but given Jacob's graft rejection last year, every time we get any kind of test results showing donor cells are indeed engrafted, helps me to breathe a little easier.  The current results are: nk cells, myeloid cells, and b cells are all 100% donor.  T cells are at 80%.  Jacob's doctor had warned us that they would be the slowest to grow in.  I don't know why it's so hard for me to rejoice in the good news.  I guess I always have my guard up waiting for the next trial with Jacob's health.  For example...

I was hoping to maybe get discharged soon, or at least to take him out of the hospital on a pass today, but last night and today Jacob starting running a low grade fever and complaining of stomach pain.  They ran cultures this morning, but so far, no new infections have been identified.  They also started him on a broad spectrum antibiotic just to be sure.  They will run it for 72 hours and if the cultures are still negative, they will stop it.  Other causes of the fever could be: the adenovirus, c diff, or a flare up of his gut gvhd.  The adeno and c diff are being treated.  He has a scope scheduled for Monday to test for the gvhd.  It will be nice to have some answers, but I really hope it's not gvhd, because I'd like to get him off his immunosuppressants.  This hospital stay is ending up longer than I had planned, but it's nice to have him watched so closely.  He slept all day and just woke up around 5pm, so we could be in for a long night.

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JuLi said...

Kylene I am so happy for your good news and so sorry for your newest trial! You are a wonderful mother and I hope and pray you will only be getting good news from here on it! You and your family are overdue for a break! I pray for you regularly, but wish so badly there was more I can do for you! Good Luck with the test results! We'll pray for the best news possible in this terrible awful situation! Love you guys!!!!