Monday, June 25, 2012

Day +79

After a couple of rough days of tummy aches, Jacob turned a huge corner today. He was playing and eating again, which couldn't make me happier. It looks like the medicine is kicking that nasty stomach infection. Now we just have to hope and pray that it didn't flare up his gvhd so that he can continue to taper off the steroids and other accompanying drugs.

Speaking of drugs, Jacob was FINALLY able to come off a medication. His blood pressure was a little low, so they stopped one of his two blood pressure medications. We've only been adding drugs since we got discharged in May, so it's been nice to stop at least one.

Now onto the adenovirus. We got word back today that after just the one dose of medicine on Friday, the viral copies dropped from 230,000 all the way down to 88,000 today. This means that the treatment is working very quickly! They originally said it could take a week to see any effect, so this is wonderful news. He is getting another dose of the treatment as I write this.

The last bit of exciting news from today is that Jacob's neutrophil oxidative burst test came back completely normal. No more CGD. We already suspected this based on his chimerisms, but he hasn't had this test done since pre transplant work ups when he only had 2% functioning neutrophils, so it was just wonderful news to hear! Once Jacob recovers from transplant in about a year, he will have a normal functioning immune system for the first time in his life.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Jacob's complete healing and chance at a normal life. We love him so much!

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Sharolyn said...

Wonderful news Kylene and Josh! We couldn't be happier for you- we will continue to keep Jacob in our prayers, but it is so great to hear that he is progressing in the right direction. Sure love you! -Sharolyn & Todd Westra