Friday, May 11, 2012

Day +34

This whole past week we have been able to go out on 4 hour passes to leave the hospital each day. It is therapeutic for Jacob because he has something to look forward to daily. Not to mention he gets some great leg exercise being able to run around the apartment. Jacob has also started on enteral feedings through his ng tube. The steroid treatment has definitely settled his tummy down and increased his appetite, but he still isn't up to his caloric goal, so that's why we have to supplement. His favorite foods are goldfish and hot Cheetos. The best news I have to share is that it looks like we will be discharged on Monday! I have been trained on doing his iv hydration, ng feedings, and medications. I'm not sure how many meds he's on, but just off the top of my head I can think of 12. Thank goodness for his ng tube. Jacob loves it too. When it's time for meds, I ask him if he wants to swallow them or take them down the tube, and he hands me the end of his tube. It takes off so much stress for both of us.

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Alice said...

Hi Kylene,
How exciting to hear that J will be discharged soon :). Will continue to pray for 100% donor cells and complication free recovery. Hang in there....