Saturday, April 07, 2012

Two Day Zeros

Jacob has two day zeros. Since the transplant started so late, it ran into the early morning hours. He got fevered with the infusion, which did not happen with his first transplant, so it worried me. But the doctor said that frequently happens and that he wasn't concerned. Jacob received a very good volume of cells, more than a child his size would normally get. This should help with engraftment, which probably won't take place for another two weeks. Until then, the team keeps a close eye on him, addressing any issues that may arise. Right now we are addressing his comfort. My poor baby is completely wiped out. He has slept most of the day and night since Monday when he started his atg. His little leg muscles have atrophied so much that he has not been able to stand since Wednesday. The physical therapists want us to do some specific exercises with him, but he does not want to get out of bed because he's so weak and tired. He does get a little burst energy every now and then and will sit up to play in his bed for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the team said he will feel worse before he starts to feel better. I'm glad the cells are infused and that we are one step closer to his recovery and healing. Please pray that Jacob will engraft 100 percent and that he will not get any graft versus host disease.

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