Friday, April 06, 2012

Transplant day

Yesterday was stressful. Jacob had to go on a morphine drip because his bottom is so sore. Also he started coughing some so they had to do a nasal wash, which requires squirting water up his nose and then suctioning it out. It is very traumatizing. Thankfully the wash came back negative for any viruses. With his immune system wiped out from chemo it is possible for old viruses that he's had to resurface. It happened during his first transplant. Please pray that it won't happen again. There aren't very many meds to clear viruses, so it can be very scary. They suspect that the coughing is the beginning of mucositis, the break down of the tissues inside Jacob's mouth and GI tract. It can be very painful. Please pray that it doesn't get worse. Jacob hasn't felt like eating or drinking very much this week, so he started on iv nutrition last night. Jacob also had to receive a blood transfusion yesterday, which is to be expected with his counts dropping so quickly. Jacob's bone marrow infusion is scheduled for 11pm. He will probably be asleep already. The actual transplant is pretty anticlimactic. It just looks like a blood transfusion that goes in through his central line. There is no operation involved. I'm happy this day is here though! In another couple of weeks, his new marrow should start to engraft and he should hopefully start feeling better.

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