Thursday, April 12, 2012

Room with a View

This is Josh posting on the blog this time.

Jacob moved to a bigger hospital room today. The new room is brighter, significantly more spacious, and has a much nicer view. Here are some pictures and panoramic shots of the old and new rooms.

Just for fun, I've also included a panoramic of the room at Children's Hospital Los Angeles where Jacob stayed for all except the last three days of his hospitalization last year. (His last three days at CHLA were in a brand new room in the new wing. That room was more comparable to the new room we're now in at SCH. Unfortunately, I didn't get a panoramic photo of that room.)

Old SCH room's window view from bed (facing construction of a building to open in 2013)

New room's window view from bed (facing trees, the sky, and a playground)

New SCH room, facing toward window

New SCH room facing away from window

New SCH room's window view to the left

New SCH room's window view to the right

Seattle Children's Hospital old room panorama (view fullscreen)

Seattle Children's Hospital new room panorama (view fullscreen)

For comparison, the CHLA room where Jacob stayed last year (view fullscreen)

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