Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day +7

Jacob's team is pleased with how smoothly everything is going. Jacob has been eating some and so the team will discuss cutting back a little on his iv nutrition tomorrow. He has done great not getting any mouth sores, so that along with not being nauseous, has helped him to eat and take his oral meds. We should see the new marrow engraft in about a week. Please pray that he will keep 100% of those beautiful donor cells this time and be cured of this dreadful disease for good. Also please pray that he won't get any graft versus host disease. If he doesn't get it and he's doing well, the team said he could be discharged as early as day +25! It's hard to imagine getting out so early after being in patient for nearly 4 months with his first transplant last year. Let's hope and pray that things continue to go smoothly. We are so grateful that he is feeling well and that everything is on track.

This has been a fun weekend. We are enjoying a visit from Josh's brother and his wife. Jacob completely lit up when they arrived in his room this morning. We are grateful for such a supportive family.

Here's a picture of Jacob being silly yesterday with his beanie babies. He said the snake was his coat and the chick in its egg was his hat.

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Jean Arnott said...

Kylene, I have goose bumps reading this! I am SO happy and grateful! This is truly a spring of new birth.