Sunday, April 08, 2012

Day +1

Jacob has continued having fevers which could either be a sign of infection or a reaction to his new marrow. Of course cultures are being run and he had a chest X-ray this morning, and nothing has come up so far, so that is good. Jacob continues to sleep a lot and he is uninterested in food or drinks. This was our second Easter in a row with Jacob in the hospital. He enjoyed his Easter baskets. A big thank you to those who sent him things to help make this a special day! He had a lot of fun playing with his new toys and games.

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Sharolyn said...

We pray for Jacob every day. I find myself in tears as I read what he is going through... and think about how you must be feeling... it is so hard to watch your innocent, sweet kids in pain. Hang in there and know that we love you and think of you every day. -Sharolyn