Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yesterday, Jacob and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo. The nurses had mentioned on Thursday's clinic visit that I could take Jacob out, as long as we avoided crowds. Looking at our options of things to do around Seattle, I decided if the zoo wasn't busy, then that would be the best choice since we could steer away from crowds and keep Jacob in his stroller, which protects his hands from touching germy surfaces. Jacob says his favorite animals were the tiger and the wolf (of course, the two I didn't get pictures of). We enjoyed our outing and walked through the whole zoo in one and a half hours. It was very, very cold. We had our jackets, but an extra blanket for Jacob, mittens, or beanies would've been nice. We will have to remember those things if we go back.

The donor office contacted our team yesterday saying that they would know one way or the other on our donor by Monday. If she is cleared, we will be admitted March 17th with a March 23rd transplant. If she is not cleared, then they will immediately begin another new search.

Ethan's spring break is rapidly approaching, and I am so excited to see my other little man! I don't know if he misses me, but I have missed him so much. It's been really hard being away from my child for this extended period of time. A mother should not have to go through this kind of separation. As this continues to drag on, I am considering moving Ethan up here with me. There is a year round school here just for cancer patients and their siblings that I think he would really enjoy. I'll try to get a feel for how things would be with both boys when he is here for his spring break. It might be too much for one person to handle when Jacob is in the hospital.

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the JoshMeister said...

Of course Ethan misses you, Kylene! Skyping daily just isn't the same as in-person interaction, complete with hugs and kisses. Ethan is super excited to see you and Jacob on Friday!