Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 3 Update and Seattle Photos

We have good news to report this week. Jacob is no longer fighting three viruses at once. As of the cultures taken on Monday, Jacob only has one active viral infection now: metapneumovirus. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance plans to test him again on Monday, and it takes a day or two to get the results back, so we should hopefully know by Wednesday whether he still has an active infection. If he doesn't, they'll contact the donor about scheduling a new transplant date. So for now, he is pretty much done with all of his transplant work ups and we are just waiting for him to fight off the last virus. We had nine appointments this week and next week we're only schedule for four, so things are slowing down. The team decided they wanted to repeat the chest CT scan once Jacob has cleared all viruses to see if there is any improvement from the last one.

We know these pictures are overdue—thanks for your patience.

Jacob Skyping with Ethan from the Residence Inn (the first place we stayed)

The view of Union Lake from our Residence Inn balcony to the left...

...and the view of the SCCA building to the right. You can see the corner of it peeking out in this picture. That is where most of Jacob's outpatient visits are. We also have some visits at the Seattle Children's Hospital, which I don't have pictures of yet.

This is where we are living now at the Pete Gross House.

Cute new shark costume from Josh's Sophos co-workers

On Sunday we took a nice outing to the Seattle Temple grounds:

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks to everyone who sent us Valentines! We were so excited to get mail!

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