Friday, February 03, 2012

Week 1

This week has flown by. We arrived in Seattle on Monday and the trade off with our car went super smoothly. We have been staying at the Residence Inn which is conveniently on the same block as the SCCA clinic, where we have the majority of our appointments. Also, it hasn't rained during the day since we got here, allowing us to walk to the clinic each day. Today the skies were perfectly clear, not really how I had imagined Seattle in the winter, but I'll take it! Our stay here has been good so far. Our suite is a one bedroom with a full kitchen (minus the oven). There is a free full breakfast provided every morning and a free dinner Monday-Wednesday. This saved us a lot of stress and time trying to make meals on top of our busy schedule. I won't get into details because it would get tedious, but Tuesday-Friday we had 11 different appointments and procedures, some at the clinic and some at the hospital. One of those appointments included a sedated bone marrow aspiration, which required NPO. Jacob did great. He only asked for Boost once before they were finally ready for him around noon. It took him a while to wake up afterwards. He was trying to take a full nap, but the nurses kept bothering him every few minutes until he awoke. Next week will be just as busy.

Despite our best efforts to sanitize his hands and keep him away from other people during our flight here, Jacob managed to pick up a cold. He's been coughing since Wednesday. If symptoms have not cleared by the time it is time for chemo, he will be delayed.

Josh flew home Wednesday night, so Jacob and I are on our own for now. We are managing ok, except tomorrow's going to be difficult trying to move out of our hotel and into our apartment by myself. I still haven't quite worked all of that out in my mind, but it'll come together some how. I'm looking forward to getting more settled in to our home for the next four months. It'll be nice to unpack everything. If you'd like our address, please email me directly.

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