Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My brave little man

Jacob was transferred to PICU early this morning after one of his blood cultures came back as gram negative rods, most likely e. coli. Needless to say, this is a very dangerous bacteria, and even more so for CGD patients. Jacob’s cells are helpless against this type of bacteria and he can only be cured through antibiotics. I’m glad we immediately brought Jacob in yesterday. He slept the entire day and night and didn’t break his fever until later this morning. It’s starting to rise again and we are waiting for a dose of Tylenol to come. He’s been awake today, albeit, miserable. His body must just ache because he cannot identify where it hurts, but he just cries at the slightest little thing. The fact that he’s awake is a step in the right direction according to his doctor. If he continues to improve, we will move back over to peds in another day or two to finish his treatment and recovery. In the picture, he is undressed down to his diaper to try to help bring his temp back down. This is Jacob's first hospital stay where he has slept in a big boy bed and it's so nice to be able to lie down next to him to comfort him. He seems to really like it, too.


Trisha said...

I check for updates often and am so sad to hear about his graft and that he's so sick right now. We will continue to keep your sweet boy and family in our prayers.

Take care,

Our Family said...

I like the picture of him smiling that you texted me last night.