Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving to the New Hospital

Everyone wants Jacob's picture

He is the final patient to move

Bye, bye old room!

View from Jacob's new room

Jacob, and the rest of the patients at CHLA, moved from the old hospital to the new one today. Jacob was selected for a press event, so he had a photo shoot with the media. Here he is getting to leave his home from the past 3 1/2 months. His sign says, "They Saved The Best For Last" because he is the very last patient to leave the old hospital. So cute! I love that he's also giving a little shout out to my alma mater with his shirt. I'm sure Josh planned that on purpose. His new room looks out onto Sunset Blvd. Although we will only be here for 3-4 more days, I'm sure he will enjoy looking down on the street. There are a lot of emergency vehicles that pass by that will be intriguing for him to watch. We might even be able to see an emergency helicopter or two land on the helipad across the street.

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