Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day +65 NJ Tube & Happy Father's Day

Since Jacob's NJ tube placement last week, he has gradually increased through the minimum dose of Pedialyte to the maximum, and then switched over to diluted formula and is now on full strength formula. He has tolerated the nutrition well, which has been a blessing. We struggled a little with medication through the tube at first because he kept vomiting afterwards even though it was being inserted all the way down in his intestines. We have found that if we slightly warm up his medications and water and do his medications very slowly, he doesn't throw up. Jacob is taking all but two medications through his tube now, so once we get those last two switched over and the doctors are happy with the levels of those medications in his body, we will hopefully be discharged. He is getting formula continuously through his tube, but the doctor wants to try increasing the amount of formula so we can take breaks off the tube sometimes. The formula seems to have helped resolve his diarrhea and has even triggered an awareness to eat again. It's not a lot, but at least he will eat a couple of crackers or something each day. We are grateful for everyone's continued prayers for Jacob's complete healing. We still have a long way to go with him, but feel like he is slowly making progress. We will get the results on another chimerism test this week to see how the new marrow is doing. We are hoping that it is thriving!

Josh was able to spend Father's Day at home with Ethan and they got together with extended family for dinner today. I'm grateful for my husband who is a terrific and loving father, for my own incredible dad who has taught me so many things throughout my life, and for my amazing father-in-law who is so kind and helpful. I love these men so much and am grateful to have them in my life.

Other good news:

*Ethan's transfer request to go to school where Josh's mom teaches got approved! It is also where Josh and his younger brother attended elementary school. We are so excited! He starts kindergarten on August 8th, I believe.

*Last week I got to witness the birth of my cute little nephew Colin! It was an amazing experience and I'm thankful that my little sis' invited me to be present for it.


Our Family said...

Jacob's hair looks nicely combed. Did they let you finally cut it?

the JoshMeister said...

No, they haven't told us that we can cut Jacob's hair yet.