Friday, May 13, 2011

Four Weeks Post Transplant

I can't believe how quickly Jacob's condition can change from one day to the next, in this case for the worse. On Wednesday evening, Jacob started coughing and then threw up. It was strange because he hasn't thrown up for a long time, but an isolated incident didn't seem to be much of a concern, although I did notice his appetite was nearly gone that day. He did mention a couple of times that his tummy hurt, but I thought it might've been from not eating for so long and then starting up again. Yesterday, the coughing continued and he threw up six times by the time Josh had to leave last night. His doctor is concerned that it might be a fungal infection, since those are the hardest to detect and clear up. The doctor ordered a sedation and a CT scan to check for a fungal infection which will probably take place Monday. The doctor thinks his enlarged lymphnodes that he had biopsied in February may in fact have been an infection, but slipped through undetected. Please continue to pray for Jacob. My heart is breaking. It seems like just when things start looking hopeful for Jacob we have a major set back. All Jacob's numbers are down today. ANC 1310, platelets 159, white blood cells 1.92, hemoglobin 8.6. Sorry to share depressing news, but we need to rally our faith and prayers in Jacob's behalf. I've seen the power of prayer work in the past.

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