Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day +27

Here are pictures from Ethan's visit last week:

Jacob's ANC really jumped high this week, all the way to 1800. Part of that was the steroid treatment he had to receive for his rash. They are now lowering his steroid and his ANC is 1770, which we're still happy with. His white blood cells are growing and his platelets are almost at 200! For our donors signed up for the rest of May, Jacob most likely won't need platelets, but other children at the hospital will definitely benefit if you still want to come in. If anything, Jacob may need whole blood from time to time. Other exciting progress for Jacob this week is that he is allowed to eat milk products again since his ANC is so high. Jacob was excited with his new food choices at first and was happy to eat yogurt, cheese pizza, Cheetos, quesadillas, string cheese, etc, but these past couple of days, the excitement has worn off and he's not eating so well again. However, the doctors still have been tapering Jacob's TPN, first from 24 hrs to 18 hrs, then to 12 hrs just at night, and now they are going to take off the lipid portion of the TPN. Hopefully this increases his appetite and desire to eat.

Yesterday blood was taken to test which bone marrow is growing. Last week they told us they would wait until the 16th to run that test, but for some reason decided to do it this week. The test is high tech and will take several days to get results back.

The adenovirus which Jacob has been receiving a weekly treatment for, is now coming back negative! This is good news and Jacob will not have to get the treatment this week. The medicine for adenovirus is very toxic to the kidneys and the oral medication that he's supposed to take along with it to protect his kidneys is very bitter and makes him gag and throw up. So we were very happy to hear that he is off the treatment for now unless they find the virus in his blood again.

For the first time ever in the hospital, Jacob actually enjoyed his bath yesterday. He sat down and played and splashed water all around. That was short lived though because Josh said today he didn't like his bath again. Oh well, baby steps.

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