Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Platelets and Blood This Week

The latest word from the doctors is that Jacob will probably need blood and platelets this week.  They won't transfuse today, but his counts are getting low so they may give him a transfusion as soon as tomorrow.  Looking at the platelet calendar, it appears that Jacob should have a sufficient supply of blood and platelets throughout this week, for which we are very grateful.

So far, however, the May platelet donation calendar is pretty bare, and May starts on Sunday.  As of right now, nobody is signed up for the first two weeks of May, and Jacob might need platelets or blood during that time.  Please go to our calendar and sign up to donate platelets.  Since many donors are only available to donate on weekends, please try to donate mid-week if possible.  This will help spread out platelet donations, which is important; remember that platelets only have a shelf life of 4-5 days.

Thanks as always to all those who have been supportive of our family through prayers, platelet and blood donations, and helping or offering to help in other ways.

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