Tuesday, April 05, 2011

First Day of Chemotherapy

Jacob was admitted to Children's Hospital on Monday evening. We had to wait all day for his room to become available, so Kylene and I had plenty of time to get packed, drive out to L.A., check into the Ronald McDonald House, and have dinner with Jacob at the CHLA cafeteria prior to taking him to the clean room where he'll be living for the next two months or more. Kylene and I have been busy putting up laminated pictures of family, Jesus, temples, Disney and Pixar characters, and other things he likes, and we've also been carefully cleaning his toys, books, and movies so they'll be safe for him to have in his room.

Jacob had his Campath chemotherapy treatment today. It was administered over 6 hours to reduce side effects, but he did vomit a few times and had a fever for a little while. His temperature was back to normal the last time his nurse checked it. Jacob will be off chemotherapy for five days and then will start on a different chemo drug. Jacob is taking a long and much-needed nap after a very late night last night and an early morning today. Kylene also got to go back to our room at the Ronald McDonald House for a nap while I have been hanging out here at the hospital in case Jacob wakes up and needs one of us.

Last night we got Skype working on my iPhone so Jacob could see and talk to Ethan and my parents. Today Ethan is with Kylene's parents and got to go to the zoo with them. Depending on if and when Jacob wakes up from his nap (he might be out for the night!), we might see if we can do Skype again tonight while Ethan stays at Kylene's parents' house.


Our Family said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Frequent updates are very much appreciated.

Bredsguard Fam said...

We're praying for you all. :)

Harris Family said...

thank you for the updates. you are in our prayers