Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day -8

Today adenovirus was discovered in Jacob's blood. This is scary because the first round of chemo wiped out his T cells, which are needed to fight the virus. His doctor ordered cidofovir and probenecid to hopefully wipe out the virus. He said patients normally respond well to this treatment, but it is not 100% successful. We are going forward with transplant because he already had chemo and so now it is too late to go back. We are staying hopeful that the medicine will work.

Also, an EKG was done today which came back indicating that the right side of his heart was enlarged. This triggered an order for an echo cardiogram and a repeat of the EKG, hoping that the first reading was a mistake. We are waiting to hear back on that.

Jacob had an eye exam today as well. For once, his test results came back normal!

I have a laptop set up in Jacob's room now, so we can stay in better contact with everyone. We can also Skype. For family members and close friends, if you are interested in visiting Jacob, this would be the best week to do it since his chemo resumes on Monday. He looks like he is feeling well and loves to play. Just remember, except for grandparents, you can only play with him through the plastic curtain.

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Wendy said...

I knew the transplant was going to be a huge ordeal, but it seems like so many things are complicating it. It sounds like Jacob is handling it all like a trooper. I hope you and Josh are okay also. I can only imagine how stressful this all must be. Thanks for updating - I think of you guys often and it's good to know what to pray for!