Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rescheduled Dates & Wedding Photos

We had so much fun last night at Josh's brother's wedding! We are so glad that we were able to celebrate with them and not be in the hospital on their special day. Ethan and Jacob had a blast on the dance floor. I haven't seen Jacob that wild in, well... ever, actually. He was so funny! Based on his behavior, I dare say he is feeling great. I have a feeling his next blood test will show that his inflammation has calmed way down. We go in this week, so we will see. Anyway, our new admittance date is April 4th and our transplant date is April 15th. Our donor needed to reschedule, so we are happy to comply. We are staying flexible and as for me, I am just enjoying these last couple weeks of having my family together. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. They lift our spirits and keep us going each day.

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It Just Keeps Getting Better said...

He looks so good, and happy. He has a very strong spirit. Our thought and prayers are with you daily.