Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Next Step

I spoke to the BMT coordinator for Children's Hospital yesterday and she said Jacob's doctors want to postpone transplant for one month while Jacob takes a steroid treatment to calm down his colitis. She said it would be dangerous to do a transplant when there is inflammation anywhere in the body because the new transplanted white blood cells would go directly to the inflamed site and "go crazy" as she put it... That sounds like a bad thing. So for now we are waiting for the redness around his surgery incisions to clear up and then he will start on prednisone. In two weeks, his sedimentation rate (which is a blood test that reveals inflammation in the body) will be retested. Thankfully our donor is fine with waiting. Our coordinator will call us when she has new admittance dates for Jacob.

So far the lung biopsy has been negative for infection. (Yay!) We should hear back on the biopsy culture next week.


Our Family said...

Thanks for the update. I agree with docs, we want Jacob in perfect health before the transplant.

Our Family said...

New working white blood cells, sounds exciting!