Friday, March 11, 2011

New Dates

Jacob's official results on his lung and colon biopsies came back normal! This is good news and means we can move forward with transplantation.

Jacob's sedimentation rate in his blood is 48 and a normal range is 0-10. This indicates inflammation in the body. He is currently taking a treatment of low dose corticosteroids. This is supposed to calm down the inflammation. We will retest his sed rate in about a week and a half. New admission and transplant dates have been scheduled. He is to be admitted to Children's on March 31st, begin his chemo conditioning, and then receive his new bone marrow on April 11th. After that we are looking at a 2 month recovery (at least), which means he will most likely spend his 3rd birthday in the hospital.

We are currently waiting to hear on a date to have his line surgically put in before his admittance date. Josh and I will have to learn how to flush the line and care for it, which makes me nervous.

Jacob used to be a good medicine taker, but has developed an aversion to taking his meds since we've had to introduce a couple of new ones to his regimen this week. I am finding creative ways to get Jacob to take his new medicines, including hiding it in smoothies, yogurt, or even in his morning bowl of Cheerios. Life will be interesting when he gets out of the hospital and will be taking 10-12 different medications. Anyway, things are moving along and Jacob seems to be doing well at the moment, for which we are grateful.

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