Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heart, Lung, Colon

Today I heard back from Jacob's cardiologist with the results from his EKG and echocardiogram that he had on Monday. Apparently, Jacob has a hole in the top hinges of his heart. We are going in for a followup with the cardiologist as soon as they get it scheduled.

Also, Jacob's lung biopsy and colonoscopy/biopsy are going to be Monday. I'm glad they were able to coordinate the two procedures so that he will only have to go under anesthesia once.

Meanwhile, we are pretty much settled in with Josh's wonderful parents. They have already been so supportive and helpful and we feel so grateful to them and everyone else for helping us through this.

Meanwhile, we are trying to find Ethan a good prekindergarten class in the area, so if you have any recommendations, please send them our way! Thanks!


jessica said...

I can't believe his heart too! We are praying for your family. We miss your family in the neighborhood! Take care, give Jakie a big squeeze for me.

Ray LeVangie III said...

Good Luck with everything. If you guys are near Rancho, Nataile could give you some good suggestions. Where are you guys located?