Saturday, November 07, 2009


Thanks to my wonderful in-laws for babysitting Jacob, Josh and I were able to take Ethan to our church's trunk or treat party this year. He dressed in his favorite Mater the Tow Truck costume and got tons of sugary goodness. A lot of my pictures are of Jacob and Ethan admiring their spoils after we got home. It was so funny to watch them sorting through all the candy. Jacob didn't even realize what it was at first, he was just having fun squishing and crunching all the wrappers. Ethan, however, was shoveling it in his little mouth as fast as he could. Our jack-o-lantern may need an explanation for most people. It's a character from the internet cartoon Homestar Runner named Strong Mad... did I get that right, honey? Josh did a great job and received the award for the most intricately carved pumpkin at the trunk or treat. We had a great time together. My sisters Alyse and Mackenzy were even able to come out to join us for the evening. We are seriously blessed with amazing family members. I have no idea where I'd be without such loving people in my life.


Our Family said...

I don't know who that character is, but I was immediately impressed with the jack-o-lantern. I could tell right away that Josh had an influence on it!

Pratt Family said...

What a fun Halloween costume for Ethan. I don't think I saw a tow-mater at our ward's trunk-or-treat. That's way cool. I love the picture of Jacob and his mickey ears, he's so precious!!! Wow...Ethan sure got lots of candy this year. How fun!