Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ethan's Big Day

It has taken me quite some time to get this posted because of everything that has happened recently with Jacob. We had a really fun celebration for Ethan's birthday shortly before Jacob was admitted to the hospital. Ethan had so much fun being with his beloved extended family. This year I asked him if he wanted to have a family party or a friends party. He chose a family party. We did, however, invite his favorite neighbor friend to join in the fun as well. The two of them kept the guests quite entertained as they ran excitedly around the house and played wild games with the balloons. I had no need to lead our guests in any games since everyone seemed content with watching Ethan and his buddy play. They were so delighted with everything! Such sweet kids. I feel so blessed to be Ethan and Jacob's mommy. Ethan is growing up into such a loving and happy little guy. He is a wonderful big brother and such a delight to have in our family. His energy keeps daily life interesting for all of us and we love him so much! Happy Birthday to our first born!


Our Family said...

Wow, Everyone looks so happy! Sorry we missed it, we sure love him though!

Pratt Family said...

Wow...what a fun birthday party!!! Ethan sure looked super happy that all those gifts were just for him!