Saturday, November 07, 2009

Boating on Bountiful

Today was my first time out on my dad's recently purchased boat. He named it Bountiful, after the hometown of his childhood. It really is a beautiful boat and it's so relaxing to go out into the ocean. Included in the collage are photos of my gorgeous mother, my beautiful sister Alyse, my cute little seafaring Ethan, my dad the captain, the backside of Spencer (lol, sorry Spencer!), silly sea lions squished onto a buoy, a sailboat, the Queen Mary, and a lighthouse that marks the edge of the harbor. It was such an amazing day! Thanks to my parents for the invitation, to Spencer and Alyse for driving us, and to my eternal sweetheart, Josh, for taking such good care of Jacob at home. Love you guys!

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Pratt Family said...

How fun!!! What a cool experience boating out on the ocean. The water looks so blue! What a fun family tradition.