Saturday, November 07, 2009

Boating on Bountiful

Today was my first time out on my dad's recently purchased boat. He named it Bountiful, after the hometown of his childhood. It really is a beautiful boat and it's so relaxing to go out into the ocean. Included in the collage are photos of my gorgeous mother, my beautiful sister Alyse, my cute little seafaring Ethan, my dad the captain, the backside of Spencer (lol, sorry Spencer!), silly sea lions squished onto a buoy, a sailboat, the Queen Mary, and a lighthouse that marks the edge of the harbor. It was such an amazing day! Thanks to my parents for the invitation, to Spencer and Alyse for driving us, and to my eternal sweetheart, Josh, for taking such good care of Jacob at home. Love you guys!


Thanks to my wonderful in-laws for babysitting Jacob, Josh and I were able to take Ethan to our church's trunk or treat party this year. He dressed in his favorite Mater the Tow Truck costume and got tons of sugary goodness. A lot of my pictures are of Jacob and Ethan admiring their spoils after we got home. It was so funny to watch them sorting through all the candy. Jacob didn't even realize what it was at first, he was just having fun squishing and crunching all the wrappers. Ethan, however, was shoveling it in his little mouth as fast as he could. Our jack-o-lantern may need an explanation for most people. It's a character from the internet cartoon Homestar Runner named Strong Mad... did I get that right, honey? Josh did a great job and received the award for the most intricately carved pumpkin at the trunk or treat. We had a great time together. My sisters Alyse and Mackenzy were even able to come out to join us for the evening. We are seriously blessed with amazing family members. I have no idea where I'd be without such loving people in my life.

Ethan's Big Day

It has taken me quite some time to get this posted because of everything that has happened recently with Jacob. We had a really fun celebration for Ethan's birthday shortly before Jacob was admitted to the hospital. Ethan had so much fun being with his beloved extended family. This year I asked him if he wanted to have a family party or a friends party. He chose a family party. We did, however, invite his favorite neighbor friend to join in the fun as well. The two of them kept the guests quite entertained as they ran excitedly around the house and played wild games with the balloons. I had no need to lead our guests in any games since everyone seemed content with watching Ethan and his buddy play. They were so delighted with everything! Such sweet kids. I feel so blessed to be Ethan and Jacob's mommy. Ethan is growing up into such a loving and happy little guy. He is a wonderful big brother and such a delight to have in our family. His energy keeps daily life interesting for all of us and we love him so much! Happy Birthday to our first born!

Before and After Shots

Just wanted to share the amazing transformation in our little Jacob from the beginning of his hospital stay to when he first arrived home.


After: so plump and happy, with color in his cheeks!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Sorry to have taken a while to include this update; we have been enjoying being home together again. Jacob was discharged from the hospital last week, making his stay a total of four weeks. We have been busy with follow up appointments, which will become normal for our family now since Jacob's condition is chronic. In a few weeks we have an appointment with a specialist at Children's Hospital in L.A. It will be nice to talk to a doctor who actually has experience working with CGD patients.

Thanks again to everyone for being so supportive of our family. We feel blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.