Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ethan's First Day of Preschool

Our handsome big boy! You can see a picture of me on the collage in the background. That's funny, I just noticed that! :)

Ethan just started preschool today and loves it! It's so nice to have an activity for him to look forward to twice a week. He's such a ball of energy and thrives when he has somewhere to expend it. I didn't get emotional dropping him off and he didn't seem to care when I left. I guess we were both very ready for him to start school. It sounds like he got along with his classmates today and had fun participating in the different activities his teachers shared. He said his teacher told him all about ladybugs and he seemed really excited about it.

Jacob and I dropping Ethan off in his classroom

The rainbow classroom. Ethan has four girls and eight boys in his class!


Weston said...

What a cute classroom! Looks like they were having fun with the maracas! I'll bet Ethan was delighted.

Weston said...

It's Mom in Dad's account(=

Pratt Family said...

Ethan sure sounds excited and ready for preschool. What a fun classroom! Preschool is only two days a week, I bet those days don't seem often enough for him or you. What a great experience for him though.