Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stayin' Cool

Today when Ethan asked for a popsicle, I told him yes, but that he'd have to eat it out on the front porch because it would be messy. He happily agreed to my terms and took his popsicle out to the porch swing. A few minutes later I grabbed my camera thinking I'd get a cute picture of a sticky Ethan. I was surprised to see he had already finished off his treat, with just one little drip on his shirt, and was relaxing in the swing. I was excited to have him sitting still long enough to take a couple cute pictures of my little man.


paul said...
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Amy F said...

So fun to see that you are blogging so well lately! Wow! Just checked in randomly. Glad to see your summer is fun and going well.

ps... the deleted comment was me... I was accidentally signed in as Paul. oops!

Our Family said...

Wow, Syvanah has not mastered that skill yet. We gave her a popsicle yesterday and she didn't want it because it was making her sticky.