Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teeth and Stairs

So I guess now that Jacob is one year old, he decided to get his first tooth. I took him in for his immunizations on Monday and the doctor said his gums looked tender and when I mentioned that he frequently tugs on his ears, she said he is definitely teething. The very next day I could see his first little tooth cutting through on the bottom!

That same day I was vacuuming the house and left the boys downstairs while I vacuumed upstairs. When I came down to put the vacuum away, Jacob was on the third stair and started to sit down. Luckily Josh caught him before he had a tumble down the stairs. Stair gate time! I need to get in the habit of putting it up. Today I was watching both boys downstairs and didn't have the gate up because I figured Jacob just likes to stay near me and wouldn't attempt the stairs. Plus, the downstairs isn't very big so I figured I could keep my eye on him wherever he is. Well, Ethan had me distracted with something for maybe 30 seconds or so, and when I looked up to find Jacob, he was half way up the stairs! I have never jumped up so fast to dash to the rescue. He started sitting down right before I got to him and fell back one step before I caught him. You better believe the gate went up immediately. I completely underestimated my little munchkin. If I had even taken one second longer to get to him, he would've had a nasty fall. My heart was racing and my hands shaking after rescuing him just thinking of what could've happened to him. Now I know the gate needs to go up every time he's downstairs. Whew!

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kmkarayannis said...

Hi Kylene,
I saw the link to your blog on Facebook a while ago and have been checking it out ever since. I love the pictures of your boys and think this is such a cool idea. It really inspired me to start my own family style blog, which I have been working on for about a week. I am a completel rookie and I could REALLY use some tips if you ever get a chance.