Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother's Day! I'm really excited for Josh's gifts to me. For his first gift, he moved the computer and computer desk out of Jacob's room into our bedroom! Yay! Now I can blog more regularly and add pictures more easily than before. What a great gift! It was so hard to use the computer before because normally I wanted to work on this while Jacob was napping, but since the computer was in his room, I couldn't. Anyway, problem solved, and I'm one happy mommy! I'm also excited to be able to decorate Jacob's room into a baby's room. The other gift was a beautiful red rose bouquet, which is the centerpiece on our brand new breakfast nook kitchen table set (thanks Mom & Dad Long!).

Later today we are having family over and all the married men are providing dinner. Josh is working on the lasagna right now. I'm so proud of him!

In church today, the primary children sang two Mother's Day songs to the congregation. When the children were invited to the front to sing, Ethan started walking up, then he changed his mind and came back and sat down with us. I felt sad because I was really looking forward to seeing him sing. For the second song, all the children received a rose to give to their moms, so I told Ethan, "go up and get a flower." He said ok and headed up to the front for the second song. The only sad part about it was he was in the back since he went up late, so I couldn't see his cute little face.

I love being a Mom and enjoying my special day!


Julie said...

Cute Picture! When you blog do you also keep a hard copy journal? I was thinking you wouldn't want to lose all these history making moments to cyberspace. I am excited to see everyone in a little bit! I have saved the blog as a favorite so I can check it more often! Such fun!

I talked to my mom this AM wishing her a Happy Mother's Day and learned Jason and Shantel are moving because their family is outgrowing their home. They listed their home expecting it not to sell for awhile and it sold in 3 days so now they are out house hunting. What a fun surprise!

Sorensens said...

You can get your blog published. I plan on doing this at the end of each year. One of my friend's does that on the side for others for a little extra money. It's not real expensive- about $65

Sorensens said...

I love how the boys have matching shirts. I hope I can someday find something that Taylor and Syvanah can match or coordinate in.