Monday, May 11, 2009


Last Friday morning Ethan accidentally swallowed a small but strong magnet. He panicked after it happened, knowing that he shouldn't be eating nonfood objects. I called Poison Control to find out if we needed to take him in to his doctor, but they assured me there was no potential for poisoning from a magnet. However, they did say that we had to dig through his stools for the next couple of days to make sure the magnet passed. If we couldn't find it, then we'd have to take him in for x-rays, which we really wanted to avoid. After three days and several dry heaves later, I'm proud to announce that we found the magnet this morning. Josh and I had this ingenious idea to save us some of the horror of the task of looking for it. We took another very strong magnet and used it to pull out the other one. Ethan is relieved that the magnet is not in his tummy anymore and we are even more relieved that we no longer have to search for it.

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