Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Festivities

On Saturday we attended the Hillside Ward Fall Festival with my parents, Mackenzy, and Grandma Taylor. Before heading over to the church building for the party, Ethan, Josh, and I carved a jack-o-lantern. It's fun having a child old enough to really get into the holiday festivities this year. He helped scoop out the seeds from the pumpkin and picked out which facial design he wanted from a few that Josh sketched out. After carving the pumpkin, we got the boys ready in their costumes. Ethan is a safari guide this year, and Jacob went from being a surfer boy to a train conductor to a slumber party baby. My mom dressed up as a slumber party girl and Mackenzy was a gangster.

Today I'm taking the boys to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch with the mom's group from my ward. I took Ethan last year and he enjoyed seeing all the pumpkins. Plus they have a petting zoo with goats and some other types of animals.

Next Thursday is our ward's primary Halloween party at a retirement home. The kids get to dress up in their costumes, then they will sing for the residents, and at the end, the residents like to hand out candies to the children. Although Ethan isn't officially primary age, I'm going to dress him up and let him trick or treat to the residents since he will be there with me anyway. It's one of the perks he gets for having his mommy serve in primary.

Next Friday we are driving out to Mesa to visit my sister and her family. Since that is Halloween day, we plan on taking the children out trick or treating to some of her friends from her ward. All in all, we are having an enjoyable holiday season and look forward to the upcoming events. I will post more pictures soon!