Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Pictures

Where has the month gone? I can't believe September is almost over and this is my first post for the month... possibly my last. Yesterday we went to the JC Penney photo studio to get new family pictures with Jacob. Doing a photo shoot with Ethan is quite a circus. He can't stay still enough for the poor photographer to take his picture. He kept falling off the little wooden box that she had him stand on because he was wiggling around so much. She made the comment that she's never had a kid fall off the box before. Ethan is such a crack up. The family picture we finally decided on has Ethan with his mouth wide open. He couldn't follow two directions at once: to keep him arms down and his mouth closed, so we just settled for an open mouth. It captures his personality anyway and it's very cute. I can't believe how fast time has flown once we started having kids. Our most recent family picture before getting these done yesterday, was taken August of last year. Ethan isn't even two-years-old in those pictures. Anyway, I'm glad we updated that. There are still some other pictures on our walls that need some updating, like the ones of Ethan when he was five months old that hang next to our Family Proclamation. Life is so busy with two kids. Our poor future number three child will be lucky if he/she has any baby pictures!

Just a side note: Ethan wore big boy underwear to church today for the first time and he stayed dry! Hooray! My little guy is potty trained! Jacob is still such a sweet baby. He's happy, sleeps well, and makes the cutest baby noises. I love my boys!

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