Sunday, August 24, 2008

Potty Training and Swaddling

Josh and I decided to pull up our blog last night and discovered that our previous and only post so far is dated December of 2007! I decided that I'd like to actually attempt to keep up on our family blog.

Right now our almost three-year-old son is sitting on the toilet, trying to earn a lollipop. Using the toilet is somewhat of an inconsistent game for him. He knows how to do it, but doesn't seem to care if he makes it to the toilet or not. For now, I'm not worried about it. I'm going to try putting him in underwear after he turns three in October. Other moms of boys have advised me that three is a good age for potty training boys. We will see if that is the case for Ethan.

Another note about Ethan. Yesterday he got a deep gash in his forehead by hitting it on the edge of his table. Josh and I thought for sure he would need a stitch or two, but it turned out that the doctor thought otherwise. After cleaning out the wound with iodine (poor little guy!) they closed it up with a couple of Steri-Strips. Those are basically little sticky bandages that hold the wound together for a couple of days and then fall off. We are supposed to keep the wound dry for two days. As of last night, it hadn't stopped bleeding, so the bandage covering the steristrips slid around a bit on his head. Josh has a similar scar on his forehead from when he was about the same age and he ran into the corner of a wall. He had to get two or three stitches in his head. I'm glad Ethan didn't have to go through that! I find it extremely coincidental that Ethan, who takes after his father's looks and personality, will now have a matching scar.

Jacob is two and a half months old and absolutely precious! He is the most content baby I've ever known and I'm having so much fun mothering a cuddly baby. Last night he slept in one of those SwaddleMe blankets and slept all the way from 7:00pm until 6:00am, awakening only once at 2:30am for a feeding and diaper change. I'm already a big fan of the SwaddleMe blanket and would highly recommend it to other moms with new babies. They come in either flannel or cotton, depending on the time of year and the weather, and they keep the baby swaddled with little velcro tabs so he can't wiggle out. Since it is August in California, and nice and hot outside, last night I put Jacob in just his diaper and then used the cotton SwaddleMe. He slept the best he's ever slept up to this point in his life... which means, I did as well!


The Pratts said...

Hello Kylene & fam. Yes, you definitely need to keep up your's so fun reading and seeing how your family grows. It's amazing how your time each day gets swallowed up and never have time to post least that's my confession.

Glad to hear Ethan's injury wasn't too deep for stitches. As for Jacob...I'm totally jealous how well he's sleeping at such a young age. Logan has issues sleeping at night and he's 8 months old. Any recommendations?

Keep the pictures and stories coming. Have a great day and take care.
Love, Cammie, Steve & Logan

Kylene said...

I can't think of recommendations for good sleeping. Swaddling is a plus, but I don't know if it works for every baby. Ethan was not a good sleeper at night until he was one year old. If I remember right, it coincided with when I weaned him. I think every baby is different.